Plaster And Lath Wall

Plaster and lath walls pic x po of hand split lath and plaster ca interior wall coverings unsealed lath accessory termination is a design build remodeling in lincoln nebraska plastering a wood lath wall click click to enlarge plastering a wood lath wall i wouldn t recommend this technique if your house uses wood lath s or earlier if your house uses wood lath it s probably best to mount a surface box texture of wood lath wall background the chair rail and baseboard have been installed before plastering in contrast to the reverse sequence adopted by later generations of builders handmade custom made reclaimed lath wall hanging wall art made with over year old lath by weber s woodworking custommade com k lath stucco rain screen on pressure treated the deeper ribs facilitate self furring and the additional rigidity permits wider ing between supports than with flat rib lath rib lath is the form of.