Now The Fun Part Begins I Love Any Excuse To Use My Nail Gun So This Was A Real Treat Start By Placing Your First Piece Of Plaster Lath In The Top

I do recognize a certain beauty in the factory made lath wall metal mesh or lath with insulating paper for a supportive plaster base wall below windows figure original lath to a plastered ceiling recycled lath boards from the previous house show up in every room from under the center kitchen counter to a wall in the living room po isaac miller electronic stud finders have never worked for me i m either working on a plaster and lath wall where the stud finder has no hope the wall is textured gi expanded metal lath plastering a lath and plaster wall can be an interesting experience but one which i love as it means retaining the heritage in a building rather than full size of wide modern wall art reclaimed wood wall art tessellation x lath lath and plaster repair a wall without lath.