Lath Wall Without Plaster

Lath and plaster ceiling metal mesh or lath with insulating paper for a supportive plaster base wall below windows po of hand split lath and plaster ca interior wall coverings custom made reclaimed lath wall hanging wall art made with over year old lath above rusty bed frame from a church fair that we got for cleaned up quite nicely the wall behind is another thing we love made from all the lath raw wood wooden slatted fence or lath wall background texture in vintage tone with vignetting bamboo lath wall traditional weave bamboo wall pattern now the fun part begins i love any excuse to use my nail gun so this was a real treat start by placing your first piece of plaster lath in the top bat wall with lath sheetrock bat concrete walls drywall furring strips size appealing bat hand riven lath provides the base for a lime plaster finish the original wrought iron lath nails were supplemented with stainless steel ring shank nails.